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Toto Bidet: The Eco-Friendly Solution to Your Bathroom

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12:00 PM

Bidets commonly found in Japan offer much more than just convenience and luxury to a bathroom. There is a multitude of positive environmental factors that bidet’s such as a Toto bidet/washlet can provide for the greater good of this planet we live on. Studies show that the adoption of Bidet’s results in 75% less toilet paper being used which is a significant number when you account for the harmful effects toilet paper production has on the environment. Toilet paper production contributes to the loss of hundreds of thousands of trees on a daily basis. Additionally, it contributes to millions of pounds of greenhouse gas being emitted on a daily basis and hundreds of thousands of kWh of electricity also on a daily basis.

Hence, the purchase of a Toto Bidet/Washlet can help any eco-conscious consumer play their part in assisting in the safeguard of this planet for future generations. However, the advantages of purchasing a Toto Bidet/Washlet don’t just stop there. Smart Toilets are known to significantly reduce toilet and plumbing issues, saving water, time, and eliminating inconvenience. This also positively effects the environment as well as  Toto Bidet’s feature of automatic flushing that helps to conserve water eliminating any unnecessary flushes.  

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