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Toto Bathroom: How It Functions?

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14:00 PM

When it comes to the most functionally innovative bathroom products in the world, Toto toilets and toilet accessories are the undisputed leaders. If you're looking to modernize your bathroom, look no further than a Toto bathroom. Recipient of some of the most prestigious awards like Red dot design and ‘if product’ awards, Toto Washlets come in unparalleled designs and are known for delivering unmatched performance every single time.  Let’s see how you can make the most out of your Toto bathroom.


  • Functionality: All you have to do is press the ‘cleanse’ button, and your Toto bathroom will take care of everything else. On pressing the button, a wand comes out of the seat and sprays a carefully targeted water stream at the right spot. Just press the stop button (or set a timer) and the wand will retract back to its original place.  During this whole operation, only water is used for cleansing purposes, so it’s completely safe.


  • Additional Toilet Accessories: Other Toto toilet accessories like dryer and deodorizer are also quite intuitive to operate.  As per your convenience, you can easily set the temperature for your dyer. A deodorizer is clearly an amazing technology. It works by converting foul-smelling atmospheric particles into the fresh air. The best part is that unlike air fresheners, you don’t have to refill or clean your deodorizer on a regular basis. Lastly, you can use your Washlet and flush at the same time.  


  • Installation: Blame it on how easy it is to install Toto toilets, most homeowners choose to install these high-end toilets themselves. While in most cases, they succeed in doing so, it’s recommended for contact professional electricians and plumbers for a flawless installation. The installation, however, is pretty simple. Remove your old seat by unscrewing its mounting bolts. Place your washlet’s bolts in the same position. Then use some of the installation tools provided with the seat and follow some simple instructions given in the installation guide. If you don’t have an electrical socket near the seat, use an extension or install a new outlet. That’s all you need to do and your Toto bathroom is ready to use.

If you’re looking for the highest quality Toto products and toilet accessories in Australia or you’ve any questions regarding the Toto products, feel free to contact experts at Mizudori Gallery. Just give us a call at 1300 868 600 today!