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Japanese Toilets aren’t the only thing unique about Bathrooms in Japan

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10:00 AM

Japanese smart toilets are well known and looked at in such astonishment by the western world for good reason. It’s hard not to appreciate the innovative technology used in Japan. However, that innovation does not just stop with the Japanese toilets. Their entire bathrooms have features you will struggle to find anywhere else in the world and that is something we look at in aspiration for our Toto Bathrooms.

Separated Rooms

Have you ever been left frustrated because you were denied access to the bathroom to use the toilet or sink while a family member is using the shower? Japanese bathrooms are designed in such a way that three people can use it at the same time whilst remaining in privacy. The toilet, sink, and bathroom are all in separate rooms with doors connecting them. This is something that you might expect in public bathrooms, not in private homes. That is where Japan is different as they value the convenience and privacy that separating rooms in the bathroom can provide.

Spray Wand for the sink

Another underrated feature not typically found in the west is a sink spray wand which is used for washing pets and babies. Additionally, spilled water is not something to be worried about as Japanese toilets and bathrooms are designed to be wet rooms, where water can be sprayed everywhere carelessly and easily drained.

Smart Baths

Furthermore, baths are just as smart as the toilets for the Japanese. Water temperature control is handled on a panel beside the bath and allows for consistent temperatures as well as a multitude of other functions including, music and jet control.

Hence, it isn’t just the Japanese toilets that are so different from the western world but the entire bathroom as there are a number of features and utilities that differentiate Japanese bathrooms from the rest of the world, truly making it a unique experience.