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3 Ways a Toto Washlet Improves the Functionality of Your Bathroom

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10:58 AM

A wall-hung Toto Washlet such as Washlet TCF4732AT is a wonderful solution for small toilets, without compromising on the aesthetics and easy to clean benefits that Toto toilets are known for. So, the first important advantage of buying a Toto Washlet in Australia is that it can help you save some precious space in your bathroom. Let’s have a look at some more ways a Toto Washlet can enhance your bathroom.


  1. Comfort and Aesthetics: It's true that Toto toilets offer a range of cutting-edge features to the users, but most homeowners still make their purchasing decision by considering comfort and aesthetic features. Toto Neorest's range of toilets scores big on style. Having a Toto Washlet in your bathroom not only helps you make a great impression on your guests, but it can also significantly improve the value of your home, in case you're planning to sell it. Sporting a curvy front and fitted with a stylish bowl, the beauty of a Toto Washlet is also enhanced further by its intellectual functionality.


  1. Freedom to Set a Comfortable Height:  A major advantage of any wall hung toilet such as Washlet TCF4732AT is that it gives you the elasticity to set the height according to your comfort level. While in case of a floor mount toilet, you need to decide the height before you make any purchase, with a wall hung toilet you can change height at any point in time.   However, it's recommended to decide on the most suitable height before installation, changing it afterward is a cumbersome job.


  1. Flushing Options: A great feature in many Toto electric Washlets is that it allows you to flush normally even in case of power failure. No doubt, you can take advantage of some really ingenious features when the electric power is supplied, even in the absence of power supply, you can still use many of the basic features without having to deal with any complex functions. A wall-hung Toto Washlet comes with an in-wall tank and dual flushing technology. This means that you can choose between two flushing modes (partial or full) depending on your needs.

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