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3 Advanced Features That Make a Japanese Toilet Seat the Ultimate Bathroom Luxury

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15:00 PM

The first time you'll experience the magic of a Japanese toilet, let us assure you, you'll never go back to your regular toilet again. One might also wonder why people are still clinging to toilet paper and hand when the advanced Toto Washlet can perfectly and pleasingly wash your derriere. An exquisite Japanese toilet seat can be found in almost every home in Japan, but they still have to catch the fancy of most Australians. 

However, those who have jumped into the bandwagon of Japanese toilets can't stop raving about them. So, what makes these owners so fond and proud of these state-of-the-art Japanese toilets? Let's have a look at a few of the reasons.


  1. Jam-Packed With Features:  Toto washlet comes with a myriad of settings that are not just innovative and revolutionary but they are very easy to use as well. For instance, new Toto washlets have bowls with a coating of a nanotech material that protects them from all types of stubborn stains.

In many advanced models, you can even find functionality that partially electrolyse the water and add antibacterial properties to it. What’s more, there is a Toto washlet that uses tornado flushing systems. This system is not just more efficient than traditional flush technology, but it also uses less water.


  1. The Sound Princess: Most people want to cover up the noises of their bodily functions while they're in the toilet. Fortunately, Japanese innovators are aware of this unspoken need of most people. That's they have designed a feature in Toto Washlet specifically to address this issue. The solution is ‘Sound Princess’. It's essentially a compact electronic device that produces a sound similar to that of flushing on activation. You can use it to mask other noises for as much time you want.
  2. User-Friendly: The benefits of installing a Japanese toilet seat in your bathroom go way beyond cleaning yourself thoroughly and more efficiently. Washing your derriere with water is therapeutic as well as economical. You'll find a plethora of cleaning options in a Toto Washlet to suit your precise needs. Whether you want to control water temperature and pressure or you want to try different types of water streams, a Japanese toilet will obey all your commands like a loyal friend.

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